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Blue Beryl Tree 1 - Medical Thangka

Blue Beryl Tree 1 - Medical Thangka

255 USD
Blue Beryl Tree 1 - The Root of Physiology and Pathology Medical Thangka is handpainted on cotton canvas with 74*90 cm dimensions.
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Blue Beryl treatise explains the Four Tantras, the ornament of the intention of Bhaisajyaguru, Master of Remedies: Painting Two illustrates chapter two of the Root Tantra, concerning the emanation of its expositor, the hermit sage Vidyanana, and its listener, the hermit sage Manasijas, respectively from the buddha-mind and the buddha-speech. The size of this thangka is 74 x 90 cm and the material used to make this thangka is Natural Stone Colors.

It also illustrates chapter three, the main part of the root tantra, concerning the root of the natural physical condition and the humoural basis of disease pathology from which Grow the two stems of unmodified physiology and pathological transformation.

The first of these stems has three branches, namely, those of the humoural basis of disease, bodily constituents, and impurities, and 25 leaves. The second has nine branches, namely those of primary and secondary causes [of disease], the areas of inception, locations, pathways, and the rising occasions of the humor, the results [which bring fatality, the contrary humoural imbalances, and the summary. It also has sixty-three leave. Altogether, there are 88 leaves, and two flowers, which are named “freedom of disease” and “longevity”.

From these, there emerge [respectively] the fruit of the excellence of spiritual and material well-being and the fruit known as the “liberation of the psycho-physical components of one who has attained” the unsurpassed enlightenment in the body of light, consequent on the achievement of bliss.